High Performance C++ FIX Framework

Create high performance FIX protocol apps like never before...

...with the Fix8 C++ framework. We've done the hard work on the FIX layer, leaving you to focus on the critical task - implementing your business code! Find out how.

For the most up-to-date features and fixes, including Java™/.NET and Python bindings, high availability and certification tools, see our flagship products Fix8Pro and the Universal FIX Engine.

Community Edition v1.4.3

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Fix8Pro/UFE v22.12.0

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The Fastest Open Source FIX

Fix8 Community Edition is the fastest C++ Open Source FIX framework. For the same message, Fix8 can significantly reduce encode and decode latency in your application. See Performance. Want even faster? check out the performance of Fix8Pro.

Built-in testing

Fix8 contains a built-in unit test framework. We are continually adding and revising our test cases. You can add your own. Fix8 also has a metadata driven test harness that can be scripted to support captured or canned data playback.

Supports any FIX version

Fix8 supports standard FIX4.X to FIX5.X and FIXT1.X. If you have a custom FIX variant Fix8 can use that instead. Multiple FIX variants can be used in the same application. New FIX versions will be supported.

Leverage standard components

Fix8 optionally uses industry recognised components for many important functions, including Poco, TBB, Redis, Memcached, BerkeleyDB, Fastflow, Google Test, Google Performance Tools, Doxygen and more. We didn't reinvent the wheel.

Linux, OSX and Windows

Fix8 runs on industry standard Linux on IA32, x86-64, Itanium, PowerPC and ARMv7. Other *NIX variants may work too. Fix8 also runs on OSX and Windows 32/64.

Components and groups

Fix8 statically supports nested components and repeating groups to any depth. The Fix8 compiler and runtime library take the pain out of using repeating groups.

High performance

Fix8 is fast. On typical hardware, client NewOrderSingle encode latency is now 1.38µs, and ExecutionReport decode 3.75µs. See Performance.

FIX Functionality

Fix8 supports field and value domain validation, mandatory/optional field assertion, field ordering, well-formedness testing, retransmission and standard session semantics.

A complete framework

Fix8 is a complete C++ FIX framework, with client/server session and connection classes (including SSL); support for the standard FIX field types; FIX printer, async logger, async message persister and XML configuration classes. Fix8 can easily be extended and customised.

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