We are a small dedicated team of developers and IT specialists in the finance sector. We have a special interest in FIX and Fix8 is a product of that interest. We are also committed to the next generation of FIX in a ULL context and will endeavour to support new versions of the protocol.

It is also the view of the core Fix8 team to encourage and promote participation in the project. We are always looking for new members to join us.

David L. Dight

Project Architect

With more than 25 years experience in the finance sector, David has worked for some of the world's leading companies in this domain, including NASDAQ OMX, Standard and Poors, Deutsche Bank and Computershare. David has many years experience with the FIX protocol, and expertise with many proprietary and open source FIX frameworks. Having worked with these FIX frameworks, David was inspired to create his own in 2010 when he conceptualized Fix8 and began development. By publishing Fix8 as open source, David demonstrates his strong advocacy of open source for the finance sector.

Sergey Sedreev

Senior Collaborator

With over 14 years in software development Sergey has experience in research/analysis, architecture, design, coding, testing/unit testing, maintenance. He also posses 6+ years in team/project building and management and 4+ years in quantitative research. Sergey also has experience in HP/LL automated trading system development, arbitrage, machine learning, backtest & order matching engine simulation and has a deep knowledge of technical analysis, futures & options markets, FX markets. In development, he also has a deep knowledge of OOP/OOD, design patterns, C++/C#/Python programming, networking, multithreading and high-performance computing, cloud computing, cross-platform and cloud development Sergey brings a wealth of expertise to Fix8 Market Tech.

Kristian Peacocke

Configuration Management
Atlassian Expert

Experienced in ITIL, Configuration Management, Change Management, Release Management, Incident Management, JIRA, Confluence, and Bamboo, Kristian's real enthusiasm is to manage people and business needs with happy and productive results. Kristian is continually tinkering with delivery processes to ensure the end result is enjoyable to live with and efficient to participate in - he gets a genuine kick out of making things run better! Highly regarded professionally, currently working at senior levels in IT management Kristian still fits in time for multi-platform video gaming, surfing, and other fun creative things!

David Boosalis

Team Collaborator

David has been in software development for 25 years and started his career doing mathematical programming. A large part of his career was in space systems working primarily on attitude control of satellites. He spent three years working for NASA on various projects and then migrated from Fortran to C++ and started working for Trolltech - the original creators of Qt. David has stayed close to Qt development working in Nokia's (would be owners of Trolltech) CTO office of technology in Sunnyvale, California. David now resides in Toronto Canada. His goal with FIX8 is to bring world class tools to its ecosystem, and he is currently working on a log viewing tool.

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